About Us

Established in 1983, CompleteCare is a solid, well-funded, early out receivables management company specializing in the healthcare industry. We are a privately-held company with other related businesses in banking, commercial real estate, and mail distribution. We believe our longevity in business exhibits credibility and, hopefully, instills the confidence that we can professionally handle your self-pay and after-insurance billing needs.

Our focus is early out/day one healthcare billing…it always has been and it always will be. We focus on this one aspect of the revenue cycle, and we do it well.

Steve C. Owen, Sr.
President & CEO
Since 1983
Phil Holder
Chief Financial Officer
Since 1983
Karen Schroeder
Executive Director of Corporate Operations
Since 1987
Lynann Hill
Director of Special Projects/Marketing
1995- 1998; 2003-Present
Carlos Rogers
Executive Director of Client Solutions
Since 2002
Cindy Nieves
Training/Payroll Manager
Since 2002
Deborah Riggins
Data Processing Manager
Since 1983