What Sets CompleteCare Apart?

Portfolio Reconciliation

CompleteCare’s Client Services Department conducts reconciliation of accounts with each of our clients. We work with our clients to make sure patient accounts are in balance every step of the way through the Revenue Cycle.

Performance Analysis

CompleteCare provides our clients with portfolio performance reports; this is in addition to our ongoing activity reports. Providing our clients with information that gives the overall picture of activity helps identify achievements as well as areas on which to focus. No matter the number of facilities our clients operate, we provide information based not only on the individual facility, but the system as a whole.

Portfolio Analysis

CompleteCare works to identify trends within our clients’ accounts receivables that may be overlooked by others. We identify occurrences that affect your portfolio resulting in extended A/R days, such as the following:

  • Issues resulting in incorrect patient responsible balances
  • Discount applications based upon the client’s internal policy
  • Account placement issues
  • Socio-economic data that gives our clients an additional understanding of the communities they serve, as well as allocating internal resources for the best chances of receiving patient payments.

Working with Your Team

CompleteCare becomes a part of the Team clients have formed with their internal departments or outside vendors to achieve success. We work with the Team to make sure a client’s patients have the best billing experience possible after services are rendered. We know at CompleteCare that our specialized niche is collecting current patient pay dollars…that’s what we have done for over 33 years, and we are very successful at it. We have vendor partners who also have a specialized niche which may be MVA claims, insurance follow-up, Medicaid eligibility, etc. Like us, they know what to do, and they do it very well. Since we have such an efficient relationship with these vendors, we act like one big revenue cycle resource except you have the very best with each Team member.